Absolute Require Paths for Node.js

When developing a node.js application with custom libraries, dealing with relative pathing in your requires can become irritating. It requires (heh) that you evaluate where you are in the project’s directory structure for each reaference. I’ve found that always using absolute paths simplifies the process and avoids accidental reference errors,... [Read More]

On The Absence of Bears

This is the post, in its entirety and with only minor grammatical edits, that I sent to my company’s general Slack channel to explain why I had been hospitalized the day before. [Read More]

Scripting PM2 startup for a non-root user

I’ve been working on a bash script for standing up a newly created Linux machine. This particular setup will be running node.js supported by the process manager pm2. In addition, I will be using the Node Version Manager (nvm), to pull down and install node. [Read More]

Ghost Blog GitHub Gist Tab Size Fix

I love how I can embed GitHub Gists in my blog posts, but really dislike how they use 8 spaces for tabs by default. I found a solution in an old GitHub issue thread here. [Read More]